Is your church ready to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you’re still looking for ideas, these stories from CTA customers might help. Take a few of the tips below and give thanks to God for all the women in your ministry!

  • Church members at Shiloh Baptist Church in Plant City, Florida, recognize their mothers with a Mother’s Day Luncheon. On top of fine linen, the honored mothers eat from fancy dishes and drink from glass goblets. To make it even better, members of Shiloh’s men’s ministry group serve the dinner to the women. “Our ladies don’t lift a finger on this day,” says Women’s Ministry Leader Lisa Gullinese. “They are truly pampered by the men.” After dinner, the mothers listen to a guest speaker and are awarded gift baskets that have been donated by church members and local businesses. Mothers in attendance also receive a gift set from CTA’s Woman of God series. Lisa enjoys giving the devotion gift set because it brings the women closer to God on Mother’s Day. “I love working with women and leading them to the Lord through his Word,” commented Lisa. “My passion is seeing the ladies get excited and involved in studying the Word of God, so they can be a reflection of Christ to others.”
  • First Baptist Church of Lady Lake, Florida, provides a small gift for every child to give to his or her mother at church on Mother’s Day. For many years, the church has used coin purses and devotion books from CTA. “All of the children, whether they are 3 or 73 years old, are asked to come to the front and collect a gift to give to their mother personally,” said church member Kathy Taylor. To make sure no mom is left out, First Baptist also sends the gifts home with children who don’t have their mothers in church that day. “I’ve seen that most of the children who come without their parents would probably be considered underprivileged and they are the most grateful to have a gift to give to their moms,” said Kathy. “We like the scriptural emphasis of the gifts because when they’re sent home to unchurched moms, that’s what’s most important.”
  • Many churches go beyond honoring just mothers and recognize all of the women in church on Mother’s Day. Kelly Dowd at First Presbyterian Church in Chouteau, Oklahoma, said, “We celebrate all the women in the congregation. Each of the women receives a useful memento, like a devotion book from CTA. These books encourage continual spiritual formation and growth, which is highlighted in our Mother’s Day service. All of the women are pleased with the books and value them very much.”

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