Editor’s note: This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week. In honor of the countless volunteers that make Christian ministry possible, today’s devotion comes from the With Heartfelt Thanks devotion book. Use these words to encourage those who serve in your ministry and, if you’re looking for an end-of-year appreciation gift, browse through CTA’s selection today!

Jennifer wondered how she could ever teach a Bible class. She had so many questions of her own! Do miracles still happen today? How do you pronounce the name Elimelech? Can God make a rock so big that even he cannot move it?

It did not take long for Jennifer to receive a question that completely stumped her. She honestly admitted, “I don’t know.” And to her surprise, nobody threw any tomatoes! Nobody left the room. Everyone simply appreciated her honesty and her willingness to look for an answer.

That was the moment Jennifer realized she could teach; she only had to follow where God was leading her.

Leading a group never means having all the answers. Some of the greatest leaders portrayed for us in the Bible—Moses and David, Peter and Paul—did not always have all the right answers at just the right time.

And yet the Lord used them in mighty ways, despite the gaps in their knowledge. That’s how he will use you, too.

He is bigger than your shortcomings, greater than your insecurities, and strong in the midst of your weaknesses. In him, you have the wisdom, insight, and expertise you need as you serve.

Jesus has chosen to spread the knowledge of himself through you. He is the true Leader, and we are his followers. Even if you are the one at the front of the classroom, you are still following where your Savior leads. When you don’t know, freely admit it. And then lead others to the One who truly does have all the answers.


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