Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is slightly adapted from a family devotion packet that accompanies the A Love That Never Dies family activity kit. CTA has written six FREE, reproducible Easter devotions just like this one. You can send them home for families to use in their personal devotions, use them in your Sunday school, or make them part of your Easter outreach event. 

Before you begin, gather a variety of hats, caps, helmets, and other head coverings familiar to the children—or pictures of them. Also locate, make, or draw a picture of two crowns. One crown will be a crown of thorns. The other crown will be an elaborate and jeweled crown for a king. Place all of the hats and both crowns inside a bag or box.

I’m so glad you came today! I have several hats inside my box, and I need your help in deciding who might wear each of them. (Remove each hat from inside the box. Adapt the following questions to suit the hats you have gathered.)

  • Who might wear this helmet? (a firefighter)
  • Who might wear this cap? (a baseball player)
  • Who might wear this bonnet? (a baby)
  • Who might wear this hat? (a cowboy)

What if a football player wore a baby bonnet? It would not help that player do a good job on the field, would it? What if a baby wore this firefighter helmet? That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? Babies don’t need helmets like this, but firefighters do. Helmets protect firefighters from danger.

In fact, many hats are made for people with specific jobs. A baby’s bonnet would not help a firefighter do his job. Nor would a cowboy’s hat help a football player with his job. Hats are made for specific purposes. (Show the jeweled crown.) Who might wear a crown like this one? Yes, the jewels and gold would show the power, importance, and wealth of a king.

(Show the crown of thorns.) Who wore this crown? Yes, the soldiers put a crown of thorns like this on Jesus’ head as they mocked him—as they made fun of him. Listen to what the Bible says about that. (Read Matthew 27:27–31, perhaps from a children’s Bible.)

But this crown of thorns is also a king’s crown. King Jesus wore a crown just like this, a crown of thorns. In wearing the crown of thorns, Jesus proved he is the King of Love.

When Jesus wore this crown, he was suffering in our place. He was defeating sin and death for us. Jesus was making it possible for us to be God’s children forever, to live with him in his kingdom—now and forever!

(Show the jeweled crown.) Today, Jesus wears a crown like this, a golden jeweled crown. He is our mighty, eternal, glorious, victorious king! He is the King of Glory.

Jesus died on the cross for us as the King of Love. Three days after he died, Jesus walked out of the grave, alive! Jesus is our King forever! He is the most loving, most powerful King of all!

Listen as I read John 12:23. In this Bible verse, Jesus talks about how he will die. He calls his death on the cross his time to be glorified. (Read the verse.)

Why did Jesus wear the crown of thorns? Yes, he wore it so he could be our Savior. Why does Jesus wear the glorious crown? Yes, our risen and living Savior deserves to wear a glorious crown. He is our kind, good, merciful, glorious King! He is forever the King of Love!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, you once wore a crown of thorns. You suffered because you love us so much. Now, you wear the glorious crown of our risen, victorious king! Because of all you did, we will live with you in your kingdom forever! Thank you, King Jesus! Amen.

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