Are you looking to host a stress-free, budget-friendly, Jesus-focused women’s retreat this year? CTA has you covered!

Bringing women together for Christian fellowship and Bible study has never been so easy! With CTA’s all-new Woman of God®: Living Loved retreat planning guide, you can download an entire packet of FREE ideas, tips, and resources for your event. The guide is set up for a two-day retreat and up to 35 women, but you can easily customize it to fit your specific schedule and number of participants.

The Woman of God®: Living Loved retreat planning guide will help you create a retreat that encourages deep discussion and a personal connection to Jesus. Women will study topics like God’s everlasting love and godly contentment. They’ll come together in small groups to see how they are continually being transformed into the image of Christ. They’ll reflect on ideas for keeping a worshipful attitude in the midst of life’s challenges. They’ll have time for prayer, relaxation, and fun.

The planning guide includes instructions and participant handouts for five retreat sessions:

  • Session 1: Living Loved
  • Session 2: Living Loved and Learning
  • Session 3: Living Loved and Serving
  • Session 4: Living Loved and Loving
  • Session 5: Living Loved Forever

Plus, you’ll see tips for creating a budget, promoting your event, buying participant giveaways, and much more!


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  1. Jennifer Reher on

    Denise, simply click on the link in the blog post. You’ll be taken to the Resource and Idea Center on CTA’s main website ( When you get to the downloadable retreat page, just click on the download button, a new window will open and you can choose to print or download the pdf with your browser’s prompts.
    Thanks for your interest!

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