Before you begin this devotion, prepare a poster with “Jesus lives!” printed in large letters. Each time “Jesus lives!” appears in the book Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives!, have an assistant display the poster to your listeners who will jump up and shout, “Jesus lives!”

Today I want to tell you about a time when I felt really excited! (Share an exciting event from your personal life. Perhaps when you attended a special sports event, met a famous personality, or watched a rocket blast off into space. Demonstrate how you look and act when you feel very excited.)

Have you ever felt really, really excited? Tell us about it. (Call on children and allow them to briefly share their stories.) Oh, that is exciting! Can anyone show us what you might say or do when you are really excited? (Pause for answers.) Wow! Seeing you so excited makes me feel excited, too!

You may already know that the Bible tells about many exciting events. It was really exciting when God parted the Red Sea so that Moses and the people of Israel could escape from Pharaoh. The people sang and danced for joy because they were so excited! And when God caused the walls of Jericho to fall down flat? That was really exciting, too! It was exciting when angels told shepherds that the Savior, Jesus, was born. On that very first Christmas night, the angels sang exciting songs of praise, and the shepherds felt so excited that they raced to find the newborn baby Jesus!

But today, you will hear about the most exciting event in the entire Bible! (Read Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives! and as you do, invite children to stand up and excitedly say, “Jesus lives!” whenever they hear you say “Sing and shout!” You may want to practice this with the group before you read. If the book is not available, use a children’s Bible to read the story of Jesus’ Resurrection from Luke 24:1–9. Use your voice to convey excitement.)

The Bible tells us that Jesus died on the cross. Why did Jesus die? (Pause for answers.) That’s right! Jesus loves us so much that he wanted to die for our sins. Because Jesus washed away our sins, we can be God’s friends forever! Did Jesus stay dead and in the tomb? No! He came alive on the most exciting day in the Bible—Resurrection Day!

And there are even more exciting things to come! Listen carefully as I read from the Bible, God’s Book. (Read John 11:25.) Jesus proved he is stronger than death. He is the Resurrection and the Life! When we die, Jesus will take us to live—really live—with him in heaven! Talk about exciting!

Let’s pray: Dear Jesus, I’m so glad you are alive! Help me share this exciting news with others. Amen.


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