Resurrection Sunday is still a few months away (April 16, to be exact), but what if your church took extra time this spring to focus on Jesus’ Passion? Setting aside time during the six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday can really help your worshippers personalize Jesus’ life and sacrifice in their hearts.

How will you do it? With FREE Easter-prep resources from CTA!

CTA has just debuted a new Easter theme: A Love That Never Dies. Plus, CTA is now offering FREE sermon outlines and FREE children’s messages to help you prepare your worshippers for Jesus’ resurrection victory!

The sermon outlines include six full-length sermons for the six weeks of Easter preparation and one sermon suitable for use on Resurrection Sunday. Each sermon also has a corresponding discussion guide. Look for these titles:

  • Sermon 1: God’s Everlasting Love
  • Sermon 2: Sin Knows No Strangers
  • Sermon 3: Spiritual Housecleaning
  • Sermon 4: Is It I, Lord?
  • Sermon 5: Adding Insult to Injury
  • Sermon 6: The Passion Story Paradox
  • Sermon 7: A Love That Never Dies

Don’t miss CTA’s six FREE, reproducible devotions for children! They’re also written for the theme A Love That Never Dies, and they are made to accompany CTA’s family activity kit for Easter preparation. Each devotion is engaging for little ones and has a bonus section: Faith Talk @ Home.


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