New for 2017, CTA has created the A Love That Never Dies family activity kit to celebrate the Lenten season. The kit includes 48 prayer sticks with questions and activities for parents and kids to think about together. But even though it’s called a “family activity kit,” there are a few impactful ways to use it in the classroom, too.

Journal Many of the prayer sticks ask questions: “How has Jesus shown that he is your friend?” “Because of Jesus, what crown can you one day wear?” Have your students consider these questions and write down their thoughts in a journal.

Prayer Journal As you talk about the events of Jesus’ death, let your students write prayer responses. Encourage them to include thanksgiving, confession, requests, and praise.

Sensory Stations A few of the prayer sticks have action points where students have the opportunity to taste, touch, or smell some part of the story. For example, children might plant a seed or create a tomb out of clay. Collaborate with other teachers and set up several stations where those sensory experiences can happen.

Keep a Running List Some of the prayer sticks encourage children to make a list. After allowing students time to make individual lists, make a combined class list. Post it in a visible place and encourage students to add to the list as they think of new ideas in the days that follow.

Use the Scriptures Every one of the prayer sticks has a Scripture reference. Have students copy those Scriptures in a separate place in their journals. Have them pick out verses that have special meaning to them and choose several to memorize.

You can order the family activity kit and many other classroom resources for Easter celebrations at

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