Flats. Boots. Heels. Sneakers. Wedges.

It doesn’t matter what kind—every woman loves shoes! As Cinderella famously said, “One shoe can change your life.”

With that playful, shoe-tastic attitude in mind, CTA has just released its latest theme for women’s retreats: Steppin’ Out in Faith, Living the Life God Designed. And even though the theme is fun, the focus of the retreat takes a direct line to women’s hearts, encouraging them to ask the tough questions—Who is guiding my life? Does God really care about the details?

Throughout the retreat, women will be reminded that no matter where they go, they can walk in humility, confidence, and courage. They are forgiven, righteous, and dearly loved—all because of Jesus!

Are you ready to start planning your women’s retreat? Start by ordering the leader’s retreat planning guide. Take a look at the speaker gifts and participant give-aways, too. Then, check out CTA’s Resource & Idea Center for FREE materials that will tie together all of the elements of your retreat. Plus, many of these resources are customizable—perfect for creating a unique event while staying on budget! Download these FREE retreat materials today:

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