Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is slightly adapted from a family devotion that accompanies the A Love That Never Dies family activity kit. CTA has written six FREE, reproducible Easter devotions just like this one. You can send them home for families to use in their personal devotions, use them in your Sunday school, or make them part of your Easter outreach event. 

Have you ever seen a parade? Where did you stand to watch? When lots of people line the parade route, we might have to stand on tiptoe to see. Or we might sit on Dad’s shoulders if lots of people are blocking our view.

Let’s pretend we are watching a parade. (Stand on tiptoe to see; point and wave; cheer with excitement.)

Have you ever been in a parade? The people in the parade sometimes walk, march, or dance. Sometimes they ride an animal or sit on a decorated float. What things might a person see in a parade? What might a person hear in a parade?

Did you know there’s a Bible story about a big parade? Listen as I read it to you from Matthew 21:7–9. (After you read the story, ask these questions:)

  • What did the crowd see in this parade? (Jesus. He came into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey.)
  • What did the people do for Jesus? (They laid their cloaks on the road. They cut branches from the trees and placed them on the road, too.) In that time and place, when a king or another very important person came to town, people placed palm branches on the dusty road. That way, the king’s horse walked on the leaves, not on the dusty road. Placing the palm branches on the road was one way the people honored Jesus. It showed the people wanted Jesus to be their King.
  • What words did the crowd cheer for Jesus? (Hosanna!)

All the people who watched this wonderful parade needed something—they needed a Savior. We need a Savior, too. Jesus is the Savior whom God promised to send. Jesus came to save us. That’s what hosanna means—“save us.”

Why do we need a Savior? Because we sin. We sometimes do things we should not do. Other times, we do not do the good things we know we could do to honor God. No matter how hard we try, we can’t fix our sin problem.

So God the Father sent his Son, Jesus, to earth. Jesus was born in Bethlehem on Christmas morning. Jesus grew up, obeying the heavenly Father all the time. He obeyed all of God’s Law perfectly. He never sinned—not even one time!

Jesus did this in our place. He obeyed God’s Law for us. Then he died for our sins. We deserved to die, but Jesus died instead of us. And he came alive again on the first Easter morning! Jesus our Savior did all these things for us. Can you see how wonderful this is?! That’s why we cheer. That’s why we praise King Jesus, our Savior.

Let’s do that right now. Can you shout, “Hosanna! Lord, save us!”? (Lead the children in doing so several times.)


Prayer: Dear Jesus, if there were a parade to honor you, we would want to be there! We would shout “Hosanna, King Jesus!” because we love you so much. Thank you for saving us. Thank you for making us your forgiven children. Help us honor you by everything we say and in everything we do. Amen.

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