We all kept up a frantic pace in December, but now that January has come, you might feel the weeks starting to drag. The kids feel it, too—they’re leaving vacation behind and settling into another six months of school. Don’t let the winter blues hit your Sunday school! Keep reading for seven ways to energize your routine and hit the ground running this January!

  1. Create a Special Event. Everyone gets excited about parties and special events, but they can be a pain to plan. That’s why CTA does the hard work for you! You can find 20 FREE event planning guides in CTA’s Resource & Idea Center. Each event has a Bible-based theme and includes a Bible lesson, songs, snacks, crafts, and games. The One of a Kind event has a definite winter theme, but there are several others that would work for winter, as well.
  2. Go Caroling   Maybe you already went caroling in December, but it has been a few weeks and, just like you, residents in a care center probably feel a bit of cabin fever during these long winter months. Prepare a few upbeat praise songs and some traditional hymns to share with your nursing home friends. Bring along homemade cards with encouraging messages and scriptures to help spread some cheer.
  3. Go Back in Time Do a little research about games and foods from Bible times. Surprise your students with a different sort of Sunday school experience. Share with them what it might have been like to be a kid long ago.
  4. Bible Bee Encourage your students to memorize scripture verses and have a contest to see who remembers the most.
  5. Put on a Play Pick out one or more of your students’ favorite Bible lessons. Have them help write the script, create costumes, and build props. Invite parents to attend and have snacks or a potluck afterward.
  6. Plan Ahead for Valentine’s Day Most children look forward to Valentine’s Day because they receive cards and candy from their friends and families. Put a different spin on Valentine’s Day this year and help them think outside of their personal circles. Challenge them to come up with ways to show God’s love to people they might not ordinarily think of on Valentine’s Day: nursing home residents, shut-ins, single parent families, people living alone, the hospitalized, those who are homeless, military families, anyone who is sick or sad.
  7. Bible Trivia Go through the Bible lessons you have done so far this year and create trivia questions to test your students. Better yet, break them into teams and have them create their own trivia questions and try to stump each other.

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