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Before the devotion, get a small bowl (a colander would be perfect) to show at the appropriate time in the devotion.

Jacob’s mom and dad liked to be outdoors. So did Jacob. One summer, Jacob’s family stayed at a cabin on a quiet lake. The cabin came with a small motorboat the family could use. Every night for a whole week, they took the boat out at night. Jacob’s dad would steer the boat out to the center of the lake and then turn off the motor.

Jacob loved it! He loved hearing the crickets chirping. He loved hearing the frogs singing. He loved hearing the fish splash as they jumped out of the water and landed back in the water again. But most of all, Jacob loved looking up at the stars. He had never seen so many stars! Jacob lived in Minneapolis. When he looked up at the sky at night from home, he could see only a handful of stars. But from the boat on the middle of the lake, Jacob could see hundreds, thousands, even!

“It looks like God turned a bowl upside down on the earth,” Jacob told his mom. “All those stars look like light shining from heaven through little holes in the bowl.” (Show the children the bowl you brought. Turn it upside down and explain, as necessary, what Jacob was describing.)

The stars shine brightly in the dark sky. In fact, the darker the sky, the more stars we see!

But sin darkens our world. Sin brings hurt. It brings sadness and fear. It brings sickness and death.

Jesus is the light of the world. Say that with me. (Lead the children in repeating it.)

Jesus’ love calms our fears. Jesus’ love helps us in our sadness. Because Jesus died for us on the cross, our sins are gone. We can live as God’s loving, forgiven children. That’s why Christmas is such a happy time! It’s not really about the gifts and the good food, though getting gifts is fun and Christmas treats are delicious! It’s not really about the days of vacation, though we all enjoy time with our family and friends. The best thing about Christmas is that we remember Jesus, the Savior who was born for us. Jesus is the Light of the world, and he makes Christmas wonderful!

But listen to this! Here’s what Jesus says about YOU. He says you . . . :

. . . are the light of the world. Matthew 5:14 (KJV)

Jesus lives in you. Jesus’ love shines through you! In a few days, Christmas will be over. But Christmas is NEVER really over, not as long as Jesus lives in us. Not as long as his love shines in our lives. What good, kind things can you do to let Jesus’ love shine out in your life? (Let volunteers make suggestions.)

Those are all great ideas! We are coming to the end of the Christmas season, but we will never come to the end of Jesus’ love. We will never come to the end of Jesus’ forgiveness. We will never come to the end of Jesus’ care for us and the joy he gives us.

Remember these words:

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger. Luke 2:7 (KJV) 

That’s just the beginning of the story! Baby Jesus—born for YOU, now lives in you! And you can live shining, shining lives to show others his love, this Christmas and always.

Pray: (Close with a prayer. Thank Jesus for coming to be the Light in our sin-darkened world. Ask that the light of his love will shine from each of your lives, this Christmas and forever.)


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