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Why are children sometimes afraid of the dark? (Accept and affirm reasonable responses—we can’t see in the dark, we don’t know what may be hiding there, someone in the past may have jumped out of a dark closet and scared us, and so on.) Why are grown-ups sometimes afraid of the dark? (Accept and affirm reasonable responses. Many of these will be similar to the group’s previous ideas—tricksters or criminals hiding in the dark, the danger of stubbing our toes or tripping, and so on.)

The Bible often uses darkness as a picture of sin and the troubles sin brings into our lives. People sin when we disobey God. Grown-ups sin and so do kids. I am going to say some sentences. Think about each one. If it is what God wants from us, you say, “Light.” If it is not what God wants, you say, “Darkness.”

  • Obeying parents (Light)
  • Saying mean things to our friends (Darkness)
  • Thanking God (Light)
  • Taking someone’s things without asking (Darkness)
  • Wishing someone would get hurt (Darkness)
  • Praying to Jesus, our Best Friend (Light)
  • Lying to our teachers (Darkness)
  • Pushing others aside so we can be first (Darkness)

The darkness of sin brings lots of hurt and trouble into our lives. Because of the darkness of sin, all people die. The day sin came into our world was a dark, dark day.

The Bible tells us that the first people God made, Adam and Eve, lived in God’s beautiful world. It was such a lovely, wonderful world! There was no darkness at all. There was no sin at all. But one day, God’s first people disobeyed him. That was a dark, dark, dark day! It was a terrible day. Ever since that dark, terrible day, there has been trouble and sickness, pain and sadness. Ever since that dark day, there has been death.

But darkness is not the end of the story. Sickness, sadness, and death will not win. On the very first Christmas, God sent his only Son into the world to rescue us from the darkness of sin.

Jesus was born as a baby one starry, starry night to be our Savior and Friend. The Bible tells us that Mary “brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger” (Luke 2:7 KJV). Jesus came to wash away our sins. Jesus came to be the Light of the world. Jesus came to destroy pain and sickness, sadness and death. Jesus came to take away everything dark and to bring us light and life that never end!

This Christmas, whenever you see pretty colored lights and whenever you see bright, twinkling lights, remember this: Jesus is the Light of the world. (Invite the children to say these words with you: Jesus is the Light of the world.) Jesus came to chase away the darkness and bring us forgiveness and joy forever and ever!



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