Your fall festival is prepped and ready. You have invited community members from near and far. You are hoping to reach out and share God’s love with those who come.

But, the festival is only one night. What can you do to build a strong connection with visitors—one that encourages them to come back to another event or even Sunday services?

  1. Gather addresses. Ask attendees for as much information as they are willing to share: addresses, phone numbers, email addresses. Use these to keep in touch.
  1. Share what you have to offer. Provide a list of activities and services that your ministry provides such as childcare, Sunday school, VBS, Bible classes, and care ministries. Include your website information. 
  1. Share what you need. Many people are looking for ways to get involved and be part of a community. Share ways that people can help or be of service to others in your church.
  1. Thank them for coming. One week after the event, send a postcard to thank visitors for coming and let them know you are praying for them.
  1. Pray for them. Take time to pray for each family. Follow up with a phone call and ask for any specific prayer requests.
  1. Send invitations. Put visitors on your mailing list and invite them to your next big event, service project, or holiday services.
  1. Provide mentor families. Assign each new family to a family that has been around awhile. Have the mentor family invite and welcome the new family to church services and future events.

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