Have you ever watched someone’s life spin out of control? Responsibilities keep building and building until that person collapses under the chaos of it all. In public this person may seem to have it all together, but behind closed doors, there’s anxiety, tension, and a hurried spirit that just cannot find rest.

When the chaos of life takes over, we only need one thing to bring us back from the edge—God’s peace. Calming Your Chaos is a brand-new faith encouragement book from CTA. It offers 32-pages of Scriptures, prayers, and devotional thoughts for Christian adults in overload mode. Each devotion is short and sweet, but the book gives readers the chance to slow down, calm down, and connect with God.

Calming Your Chaos is the perfect gift for young parents, busy professionals, or anyone who is always on the go. Plus, the book is value-priced so you can keep a few in your bag or at your desk and hand them out whenever necessary. To view a sample page or to place your order, visit our website at www.ctainc.com. Bulk pricing is available.

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