You sent them off in the fall and now they’re back—college kids. They’re not children anymore (of course they are way more mature than high schoolers!), but they’re not adults yet, either. So what do they do on summer break? Where do they spend their time?

Let your church be a gathering place for these inbetweeners. Sit down to offer them advice or just let them be kids again. Here are three ways to do it:

  1. Host a job fair. College kids may not be able to return to the jobs they held in high school. This is a no-pressure way to introduce them to new opportunities. Invite your members and business owners from the community to host tables. If possible, find a few adult mentors from your church who would be willing to help students with their resumes and interview skills. 
  1. Take them to lunch. College students have survived eating several months of questionable cafeteria food. They are ready for a real meal! Gather your students and take them out for a long lunch. If your budget is tight, ask your men’s group or women’s ministry to prepare a few dishes. Enjoy the conversation and make note of any resources the kids seem to be missing. When you get back to your office, see if you can do some behind-the-scenes work to help! 
  1. Plan a few events. College kids don’t technically belong in the youth group anymore, but they still crave the same fun events. If your church has extra space, simply offer meeting rooms or common areas to college kids looking for a place to hang out. Plan a casual meet-up for early June when all of the students have arrived back in town. A Fourth of July picnic or mid-summer party at the local pool are great options, too.

How will your church be welcoming back college students this summer? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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