Editor’s note: This Easter prayer was written many decades ago by a faithful pastor, Walter E. Schuette, who has since gone to be with the Lord. His meditation on Jesus’ Easter sacrifice speaks powerfully to many of us at CTA and we hope it speaks to you, too!

Read Matthew 28:1–15 and focus on the angel’s words in verse 6: “He is risen, just as he said.”

Almighty Christ, death could not hold you! The Father accepted your holy sacrifice—your innocent suffering and death—for the forgiveness of all our sins. Once that occurred, the grave had to release you. Your body would not see decay.

Today we celebrate your rising from the dead. The angels rolled away the stone, not to release you from the tomb, but to reveal to your disciples—and to us—the miracle that had taken place.

You did what you had promised to do—you defeated death itself! In your resurrection, we see our own. You have brought us unimaginable joy and peace.

Make this a glad day for all hurting people as you encourage them in the truth that you are their Mighty God and Everlasting King! Give us courage to share our Easter joy with others.

We ask it all in your glorious name. Amen.


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