Editor’s note: Are you looking for ways to add new life to your classroom? CTA has you covered! The new theme Spring to Life with Jesus combines playful artwork and the message of new life in Jesus just in time for your Easter celebrations. To make it even easier for you to share the good news of Easter with your students, we’re providing this free lesson plan. You can also order additional resources from Spring to Life with Jesus like activity books and color-changing bracelets.

For this lesson you will need:

  • Spring to Life with Jesus build your own garden kits (order here)
  • A packet of flower seeds (in addition to the seed discs in the garden kit)
  • A visual of a flower – this could be a live flower, picture of a flower, or time lapse pictures of a growing flower
  • Dirt
  • Water

As you begin your class, pass out a few flower seeds to each student. Talk with your students about what flower seeds do, how they grow and change, and what makes that happen.

Show a real flower or a picture of a flower. Ask: What happened to make the seed change into the flower? What needs to happen to keep the flower alive and growing?

Today we are going to talk about how Jesus changes you into something new, just like God changes the flower seed into a flower.

Assemble the cardboard portion of the garden kit. Pass out a planting cup and dirt to each student. Pass out the seed discs from the garden kit.

Say: Tell me about your seed disc. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Would any of you like to take it home right now and just set it on a counter or in a window? No? Why not? 

You know that the seeds inside this disc are lifeless if we just leave them alone. They have no power to grow on their own. They need you to put them into the dirt so they will have a chance to grow and change into something new.   

You are very much like this seed disc. You have no power to change on your own. You are a sinner. The Bible says that because of your sins, you are dead (Ephesians 2:1 ESV) and there is no life in you. But we can rejoice because Jesus died and rose again to take away your sins and give you new life! (Ephesians 2:5 ESV) The Bible says Jesus changes you and makes you a new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV) 

Plant the seed discs. Then, have students pour a little water in their cups and remind them to put their “garden” in a sunny spot at home. Say: The water and sunlight will help the seeds grow. God helps your faith grow as you read his Word, learn more about him, and spend time with him in prayer and worship. Jesus loves you—he even helps your faith grow in the midst your sins and he wants you to have faith in his forgiveness when you make mistakes. But if you stop watering the flowers, they will die. Your faith needs help to keep growing, too. Jesus will never leave you. He will never stop loving you—no matter what! He has given you his Word and invites you to talk to him so that your faith will continue to grow.

Finish with prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross and rising again on Easter to save me from my sins. Thank you for giving me new life. Help me to be faithful in trusting you and learning more about you so that my faith will continue to grow. Thank you for loving me all the time, no matter what. Amen.


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