It’s that time of year. . . Sunday school kickoff is right around the corner! Start the year by handing each child a fun (and informative) Sunday school welcome bag.

Make sure that each bag provides basic information about your church and Sunday school program. Don’t simply assume that families know this information! Include a brief welcome letter that lists your church’s contact information and a few details about the Sunday school teachers. You can also create flyers to outline classroom rules and expectations for parents.  If you don’t already have information about each child, be sure to include a questionnaire, too.

Now, let’s get to the fun part! CTA offers a variety of engaging Sunday school gifts for all ages.

Elementary grades

Middle school

  • Start a superhero theme with CTA’s Jesus, My Savior and Friend Look for the drawstring bag to hold all the materials.
  • Include a magnetic photo frame that kids can use in their school locker or at home on the refrigerator.
  • Search online to find printable superhero masks. Cut out the masks on cardstock or felt. Print the theme Bible verse (Romans 5:11) on the backside.

High school

  • CTA’s hashtag series is a great way to draw high school students to Sunday school. Start your welcome bag with the #unashamed backpack and water bottle combo pack.
  • Include the #strong bracelet—a perfect gift for guys or girls.
  • Add in a few teen-focused devotions with the #Serve faith experience booklet.


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