Editor’s note: Can you believe that the Easter season is almost here?! Ash Wednesday arrives on February 18 and Easter Sunday falls on April 5. To help everyone prepare, we are sharing the third in a series of devotions focused on exploring God’s love more deeply. They are slightly adapted from CTA’s new devotional prayer journal for the Easter season—This Love Changes Everything. We encourage you to share this short meditation and activity with your church staff, volunteers, and other ministry members during the week. Many blessings to you and your church family during the upcoming Easter season!

Begin by reading and studying Matthew 21:12–17.

This passage illustrates the very real difference Jesus’ earthly ministry made. Some loved and believed in him. Some hated and opposed him. Still today we see these two responses. What has led you to love and believe?

In faith, God has worked habits of holiness in you as you have come to know your Savior’s life-changing love. This is a process that never stops! Sometimes you may want to run away from the circumstances God has placed in your life—frustrations pile up and you might just lose it! But Jesus is always there to comfort you with the grace that flows from Calvary’s cross. Think about the changes you (and he!) want to see in your life and how those changes might strengthen your faith.

Begin your prayer with these words: Lord, your enemies have always hated your name and your Word. Still, you go on loving them and working to bring them to repentance. Teach me to love and forgive as you have loved and forgiven me, especially . . .


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