Editor’s note: Can you believe that the Easter season is almost here?! Ash Wednesday arrives on February 18 and Easter Sunday falls on April 5. To help everyone prepare, we are sharing the second in a series of devotions focused on exploring God’s love more deeply. They are slightly adapted from CTA’s new devotional prayer journal for the Easter season—This Love Changes Everything. We encourage you to share this short meditation and activity with your church staff, volunteers, and other ministry members during the week. Many blessings to you and your church family during the upcoming Easter season!

Begin by reading and studying John 15:13.

Someone once wrote a book titled What Jesus Means to Me. If you were to write a book like that, how would you title your chapters? (Use Jesus’ own words in John 15:13 and 17:1–5 to jumpstart your thought process.)

Would you have a (lengthy) chapter titled “Forgiveness”? Without apology, the Bible calls us all “sinners.” Our sin is not insignificant, either. Christ Jesus, God’s own Son, died on account of it! What makes it hard to accept this reality? What makes it necessary? How does Jesus’ love make it possible?

For Christians, every Sunday is “a little Easter,” a reminder of the wondrous love Jesus showed us through his great resurrection victory! How could you celebrate Jesus’ very real victory and very real love by sharing that love in some way today? Hint: It might be even more fun if you do something a little out of your comfort zone—and work hard to keep your efforts anonymous.

Begin your prayer with these words: Dear Jesus, your love is real, and it means so much more to me than I can even say. Guide me as I . . .


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