Editor’s note: Can you believe that the Easter season is almost here?! Ash Wednesday arrives on February 18 and Easter Sunday falls on April 5. To help everyone prepare, we are sharing the first in a series of devotions focused on exploring God’s love more deeply. They are slightly adapted from CTA’s new devotional prayer journal for the Easter season—This Love Changes Everything. We encourage you to share this short meditation and activity with your church staff, volunteers, and other ministry members during the week. Many blessings to you and your church family during the upcoming Easter season!

Begin by reading and studying John 13:34.

When we receive and receive and receive Christ’s love, sooner or later, we overflow with it. We can’t help but give it to others. In what ways would you like to be more generous with your love? Ask Jesus to work that in you.

Pair up with another Christian this week to brainstorm a random act of love you can do to make a difference in the life of someone you don’t know. Take homemade cookies as a treat for one of the children’s classes in your church. Donate a dozen pairs of new mittens to a homeless shelter. Leave a generous tip for a tired hairstylist or for the person at the fast-food drive-through.

As you do whatever you do, remember this: love is sometimes a feeling, but it is always a decision, a commitment.

Begin your prayer with these words: Dear Jesus, when I’m stingy in showing love, forgive me . . .


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