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 It came in the middle of the night, God’s call to Samuel. It came when Samuel did not expect it. It came in a unique way. It was persistent and specific. It came, not for Samuel’s benefit but for the benefit of God’s people, God’s nation. It changed the shape of Samuel’s entire life – from childhood onward.

The callings of God in our lives today differ from the calling Samuel received. Yet, in several significant ways, they are similar. The Lord chose Samuel to believe and to serve. Christ’s call to faith and service rests on us, too. Samuel had not earned this high honor, and neither have we. In fact, our sin thoroughly disqualifies us, just as it disqualified Samuel.

Still, the forgiveness Jesus won on Calvary’s cross belonged to Samuel. Heaven’s High King credits Jesus’ holiness to your account, too. God’s love for Samuel was unmistakable, unshakable, and forever. That same persistent, pardoning love flows into our lives, calling us to serve and qualifying us for his service.

Remember This

“You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen.” Isaiah 43:10

 Read This

You can find the account of God’s calling the boy Samuel to lifelong service in 1 Samuel 3. It’s quite inspiring! As you read, look for parallels in your own service for our Savior. How does the account encourage you? With whom could you share that encouragement?


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