A parent pauses in the hallway after class to tell the teacher, “Jeremy is learning a lot in Sunday school. Thank you!”

The pastor makes a special effort several times each year to stop by the children’s classrooms and give a quick thumbs-up to the staff working there. Even though he will be a few minutes late for the adult class he is teaching, he sees encouraging the children’s teachers as worthwhile.

The grandma drops her granddaughter off at the classroom door and presses an envelope into the helper’s hands. “I know you buy extra supplies and provide snacks,” she says, “Use this to offset some of that.” The envelope contains a twenty dollar bill.

As the service ends, the worship leader asks all the workers in children’s ministry to stand. The assembly applauds while one of the children give each worker an Exclamations of Thanks gift set, complete with a hardcover gift book, matching pen, and a magnetic page hugger bookmark.

It doesn’t take much to reignite a teacher’s passion for leading God’s children into God’s Word, for sharing Jesus’ love with little ones, preteens, or youth. How are you saying thanks? 

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for ways to recognize, connect, and celebrate volunteers, especially volunteers in the educational ministries of your church, take a look at the resources CTA makes available—they are full of practical ideas and many key resources are downloadable and free! 

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