Has Jay missed class two weeks in a row? Does Barry have a birthday this week? Is Jessica a new girl in your Bible club? Does Elijah have a bad case of bronchitis?

Stay in touch with everyone in your class or Bible club throughout the year, using CTA’s new free downloadable postcards for kids. All are designed around the Walk in Love theme and address the situations mentioned above—absences, illness, birthdays, and new arrivals. The art is bright, fresh, and age-appropriate.

What a novel idea! It’s been around so long, it’s new all over again! Kids love to get something just for them in the mail. Capitalize on the novelty and show you care.

Remember, the only thing we will take from earth to heaven is the relationships we’ve forged in Jesus with other believers here on earth. Why not strengthen those relationships in this quick, simple way? 

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for ways to add pizzazz to summer Sunday school or for ways to make VBS more memorable, check out all the resources CTA provides for children’s ministry


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