If you serve as a children’s pastor, teach Sunday school, or work in VBS, summer camp, or some other children’s ministry, you no doubt carry concern for the kids’ growth in grace all week long, year round.

In decades past, we could count on many Christian families continuing the Christian education of their children at home. Devotional books written with kids in mind were readily available and families sat down after supper or at bedtime to read and discuss them.

Some families still do, but many do not. Some adults see the tradition as awkward, and more than a few view themselves as ill-prepared to lead their children into the Scriptures in this way.

That’s why you may want to use a more “stealthy” approach, one that lures parents and kids into faith conversations in informal ways. How? By sending home copies of CTA’s Gospel Fun for Little Ones activity books with younger children and Faith Lab activity books with older kids.

By helping their children work through the games and puzzles, parents will find natural ways to talk about Jesus. By completing the crafts and reading stories together, adults at home will find open doors for sharing their own faith, their own love for the Savior. Because these items are value-priced (some as low as 39 cents!), children’s ministers on tight budgets can stretch their dollars while making a big difference.

Why not try it this summer? Send them with families about to leave on vacation or with kids whose moms are out of answers to the perennial question, “NOW what can I do?” Then let us know how you see God at work through his Word!

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for ways to add pizzazz to summer Sunday school or for ways to make VBS more memorable, check out all the resources CTA provides for children’s ministry


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