As you begin, read Acts 17:28.

Finish this sentence: The most important part of building a barn is _________________.

Did you say, “Setting the footings”? You may be right; a sturdy foundation results in a sturdy finished building.

Did you say, “Installing the trusses”? You may be right; the entire building is tied together once the rafters are nailed in place.

Did you say, “Shingling the roof”? You may be right; without a watertight roof, the barn’s interior will quickly rot and be laid waste.

Actually, we could make a case that every step in building a barn is the most important step. The big jobs like setting the footings, adding the rafters, and installing the siding are vitally important. But so are the tiny tasks, the tasks focused on things like caulk and hinges. Big and small, seen and unseen, everything matters when you build.

Finish this sentence: The most important part of building God’s kingdom is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________.

Did you say, “Every part”? Then you’d be right! God is at work through you whether you are engaged in enormous endeavors or tiny tasks. Mission trips, service projects, and strategic planning meetings are vitally important. And so is coaching your child’s little league team or befriending your next-door neighbor, or offering up countless prayers throughout the day.

Big and small, seen and unseen, everything matters when you partner with Jesus to build his kingdom.

God is using you for his purposes all day, every day. By faith in Jesus Christ, you are God’s new creation. In him you and I live, and move, and have our being.

Whether you are leading a meeting at work, changing dirty diapers at home, or serving somehow in worship, God is working through you. Consequently, no task can ever be mundane or meaningless. Instead, each is holy and helpful to others in the family of God.

Highlight this truth in your heart: God is not sometimes building his kingdom through you; God is building his kingdom through you all day, every day!

Prayer starter: Lord, help me wrap my head around these ideas . . . 

Editor’s note: This week’s devotion is slightly adapted from Built to Servea new devotion book for Father’s Day (June 15) and men’s ministry in 2014. It is available in both KJV and NIV versions. If you’re involved in men’s ministry, you won’t want to miss this book and the other resources that carry this theme!

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