Sky_High_LoveAs you begin, read Psalm 103:11

“Are we there yet?” If you’ve ever traveled with young children you’ve heard this question. Maybe you still ask it sometimes yourself!

Most of us would ask it more than once if we were to leave Planet Earth to traverse our solar system. Distances there lie almost beyond our ability to fathom them. For example, it takes eight minutes for the sun’s light to reach our planet. If the sun were suddenly to stop shining, no one on earth would know it for eight full minutes!

It’s not exaggerating to say that our sky stretches quickly up and then out into the enormous expanse of outer space. When David wrote Psalm 103, he drew on this fact to make a wondrous comparison. (Read Psalm 103:11.)

Stop for a moment. Go to a window. Look out—and up! Take in this jaw-dropping truth. God’s steadfast love toward you in Christ is as vast as the cosmos!

In particular, our Lord’s immeasurable love belongs to those who “fear him.” This “fear” is not terror; far from it! Instead, it’s the heart attitude of those who cling to God’s Word in faith.

Think of this “fear” in terms of “awe.” It’s the orientation of those who dread doing anything that would dishonor their heavenly Father. It’s the focus of those who rely on the cross of Christ Jesus for personal and perfect pardon. It’s the obsession of the Father’s dearly-loved children to do only and always what makes him smile.

This faith-filled awe is your Savior’s gift to you. He gives it because he wants you to experience the peace of relying on God’s rock-solid love. So go ahead. Ponder it. Claim it. Imagine a love that stretches above the clouds and extends into all eternity.

Lord, teach me to fear and trust you in this way . . .  Amen.

Editor’s note: This week’s devotion is slightly adapted from Loved Beyond Measurea new devotion book for  women’s ministry in 2014. It is available in both KJV and NIV versions. CTA has also developed two new retreats for women, both free and downloadable. Loved Beyond Measure and  Loving God’s Abundant LifeIf you’re involved in women’s ministry, you won’t want to miss these resources!

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