Not many moms can resist crafts that create a memory milestone like their child’s hand print. Especially around Mother’s Day, there are few easier ways to touch a mom’s heart.

Start by choosing a background. Pick something simple and very inexpensive like pink construction paper, perhaps backed by a white paper doily. Or use a more elaborate, longer-lasting base – like a clay flower pot.

Next, select a large ink stamp pad. Visit a local teacher supply store or big box office supply store or key “nontoxic washable ink” into your Internet search engine. You will find a lot of choices and many colors. Choose a circular stamp pad about six-inches in diameter. (Be sure the ink is washable and nontoxic!) The children will use this to add a hand print to the base you have chosen.

Duplicate the verse below (or one like it) and help the children attach it to the background, being careful not to overlap the handprint. Have each child write his or her name somewhere on the project, along with the year.

Dear Mom,

I’m growing more and more each day.

Please take my hand along the way:

Teach me to know my Savior, Friend –

Jesus, whose love will never end!


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