As you begin, read John 3:16.

The timeline of Sarah’s life was marred by a string of broken promises. Her daddy called her “princess,” but walked away from the family when Sarah was nine. Her fiancé promised a love to last a lifetime, but died when an mortar exploded near  the truck he drove in Vietnam. Sarah’s financial advisor promised a comfortable retirement but as she neared 65, Sarah discovered the investments he had recommended were virtually worthless.

Do you identify with Sarah’s story—even a little bit? Have broken promises made your life uncomfortable or even bitter? Then you know that as human emotions go, disappointment is among the strongest.

We can’t always count on the promises people make, nor can they always count on ours. Not so with God! He always keeps his promises to us. (Read Numbers 23:19.)  

God is faithful. Always! He keeps his promises. Always! And those promises are not trivial:

(Read 1 John 2:25.)

To whom has he made this promise? To you! In fact, you can personalize John 3:16, making it your own:

God so loved (put your name here) . . .

that he gave his one and only Son, . . .

so that (put your name here), who believes in him, shall not perish but have eternal life.

Maybe this is news to you—good news! Maybe you’ve known this good news all your life. But whatever the case, don’t take it for granted! Believe it! Then live in the power of God’s love, love beyond measure, love that lived, suffered, died, and rose again for you! 

Heavenly Father, you always keep your promises to me. To me! The wonder of that overwhelms me. Remove the bitterness of broken promises . . . 


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