As you begin, read Psalm 103:8.

Cathedrals soared high above the towns that dotted the countryside in Medieval and Gothic Europe. Impressive in their day, the height of these cathedrals is somewhat less so in ours. Still, their architecture can amaze us. Entering such a cathedral even now creates a sense of reverence, of awe and humility at being in the presence of God. That’s just what the builders intended.

It’s what David intended, too, as he wrote Psalm 103. In particular, he wanted to help readers’ hearts soar toward the heights of God’s immeasurable love. The psalm draws attention to both God’s high and lofty gifts and his simple blessings, too.

God’s love is “as high as the heavens” (v. 11). But it also reaches down to us, like a kind father kneeling to help his little daughter (v. 13). This love is no miserly gift held out by some skinflint who already regrets giving it. No! God’s love is “abounding” and it is “steadfast” (v. 8).

How women in today’s world need this truth to pierce our hearts and make itself at home there! Our culture teaches us that we’re worthy only if we radiate air-brushed beauty. It tells us that that what we do for our families doesn’t really matter. It leads us to think of our work as merely a dead-end job. It tempts us to believe that things will make us happy and money will keep us secure.

These are lies, of course. But sometimes we believe them, and in doing so, we turn our hearts into wretched little hovels when Jesus intends them instead to stand as soaring cathedrals, as masterpieces that bring great honor to him.

Even then, God’s love for us remains sure. He is not angry with you or intent on getting even. Jesus died for you on Calvary’s cross! He stoops down to hold you close, to forgive and comfort you! Such is his immeasurable love. 

Lord, your love is abounding and steadfast. My faith is often fragile and anxious. Help me now . . .  

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