Read Colossians 2:15.

As enemy forces advanced, Baker Company was cut off from the rest of the regiment. For several hours, headquarters tried again and again to contact the missing unit. Finally, a faint signal crackled on the radio.

Straining to hear each word, a corpsman asked, “Baker Company, do you read me?”

“This is Baker Company,” came the reply.

The corpsman asked, “What is your situation?”

“The enemy is to the east of us. The enemy is to the north and south of us.” Then after, a brief pause, “The enemy is on the west, too. They won’t get away from us now!”

As Jesus hung on the cross of Calvary, Satan’s forces moved in, certain of victory. But like some gullible fish in a murky river, the enemy did not see the steel barb of Christ’s divinity hidden beneath the flesh of his human nature. The enemy would not get away. His defeat was sealed.

It certainly did not appear that way on Good Friday afternoon. Jesus’ friends must have felt disgraced and shameful, defeated and hopeless. There was shame, of course, but none of it belonged to our Lord. All the angels of heaven and every demon in hell would soon discover that the only ones disgraced and defeated on Calvary that day were Satan and his cohorts.

Jesus had used death to defeat death. Like some divine martial arts expert, our Lord overpowered the rulers and authorities that had held the human race in bondage. And he had used weakness to do it! He not only disarmed them, he humiliated them.

How sweet is the cross of Jesus. How powerful is the cross of our Lord, too! May it always be that Paul’s boast will be ours as well. (Read Galatians 6:13.)

Prayer starter: Jesus, you are my pride and joy. I boast in you and in your cross! The power of the cross has brought me freedom from sin’s slavery and death’s domination. Nothing else in my life comes close to the joy and pride of belonging to you . . .

Editor’s note: This devotion is adapted slightly from one that appeared in The Power of the Cross, a book of devotions intended to help God’s people prepare for Easter in 2009. While this title is no longer available, CTA offers many helpful value-priced devotion books for use year round. May our Savior richly bless your celebration of his Resurrection victory this week and eternally!

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