Read John 13:1–17. As you read, emphasize verses 4-5

He had to kneel. There’s no other way to wash someone’s feet. Bending over won’t do at all. So Jesus knelt.

It was a step down. A giant step down, when we consider the rainbow-encircled throne from which he had descended three short decades earlier. God became man. The Creator took on skin and hair and blood vessels. Embryo to fetus to newborn lying in his peasant mother’s lap, snuggling close against the cold.

A step down. It was that all right, and more—much more! Just think of it! Jesus kneels so we can stand, right with God, blameless, unashamed, and filled with joy in his presence. Now, by faith, we are the children of God, heirs of heaven, forever.

The gentle Jesus, crucified and risen in love for each one of us personally, has by his death made us great. We have incredible value in God’s eyes, not because of what we have done or can do, but because of what Christ did for us.

What an amazing difference it would make if we could begin to grasp even a small bit of that truth! We would no longer agonize in guilt over sins long since forgiven. We would no longer need to toot our own horn or defend our own record. We would no longer wonder if we’ve done enough or if our best service has been good enough.

Jesus stooped down, stepped down from heaven itself into our reality. Now, he takes our hand to lift us up. What grace! Truly amazing grace!

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