Editor’s note: Easter will be here sooner than you think! Ash Wednesday falls on March 5 this year, and Easter comes six short weeks later, on April 20. How will you help everyone in your church prepare their hearts to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection victory? A few years ago, CTA revised our popular prayer journal for Easter preparation, Journey to the Cross. The adult version is still available,  as is the youth edition. We still get comments from users like you about how helpful they are. Here’s one excerpt, adapted slightly from the adult version.               

Opening thought: Human sin brought death into our world. God had promised to reverse that curse. In John 11, we see our Savior make a down payment on that promise. 

Read John 11:1–45.                                                    

Focus: In this text, a number of people demonstrate great faith. Mary and Martha send for Jesus, believing he can help. When he arrives too late to heal her brother, Martha is disappointed, yet she seems open to the possibility of an even greater miracle—see verse 22.Thomas emboldens the other disciples, saying, “Let us also go, that we may die with him” (verse 16)!

If you are using this devotion on your own, try writing out your answers to the questions in “Reflect” below. If you are in a group, spend some time writing individually, then share a few thoughts with a partner. 

Reflect: How does this incident point forward to Jesus’ own Resurrection? How do both victories over death deepen your faith that Jesus is truly the Savior God sent?

Pray: Lord Jesus, stir up my faith in you. Teach me to trust you more and more, especially in the face of death. Embolden my obedience and my witness, even when . . . .

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