When you think of Easter, do any particular animals come to mind? Most of us envision fuzzy bunnies or yellow chicks. They are everywhere during the Easter season—on greeting cards, in the candy isle, and even as live mascots at springtime events.

Have you ever considered how lambs fit into the Easter mix? This animal pictures so many significant truths as it symbolizes many different aspects of the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This spring, CTA is releasing a new 40-day Easter devotional designed especially for youth and young adults. The Shepherd, The Lamb was written by Thad Warren, a veteran youth worker who is currently serving as Dean of the Graduate School at Concordia University, Nebraska.

“The shepherd and the lamb represent powerful symbols that occur all the way through Scripture,” said Warren. “It’s a relationship. God is our good shepherd. He relates to us personally and meets us where we are. Ultimately, Jesus meets our needs by becoming the sacrificial lamb that dies for us on the cross. This devotional book provides an opportunity for us to stop and reflect on the significance of Jesus Christ, as both our shepherd and as the Lamb of God, who died and rose again for us.”

The journal includes six weeks of devotional thoughts and activities appropriate for use between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Each entry includes suggested Bible readings, a short discussion, journal prompts, and a closing prayer. The journal also makes special mention of each Sunday leading up to Easter. On these “Sunday Challenge” days, the journal encourages readers to interact in specific ways with others in the Christian community.

“Sundays are an opportunity where we can set aside time to be together,” said Warren. “That togetherness is one of the best parts of Easter. We need to immerse ourselves in that kind of togetherness with other Christians and with Jesus all the time.”

Warren says that the journal can be used in Christian group settings or during personal devotion times. “This book allows readers, on a daily basis, to recognize the wonderful relationship we have with God,” he said. “Through personal reflection and small group dialogue, my hope is that readers will use Scripture to prepare their hearts for Easter and also cultivate the habit of being in God’s Word all throughout the year.”

Warren summarizes Easter as the “wonderful event that means everything to everybody.” We encourage you to share this special meaning and the life-giving message of Jesus’ resurrection with every teen and young adult in your ministry. The Shepherd, The Lamb is available now. For all your Easter supplies, visit us at www.ctainc.com or call 800-999-1874 to order.


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