Editor’s note: This week’s free devotion includes a prayer/meditation written by faithful pastor Walter E. Schuette who has since gone to be with the Lord. We pray that his witness will encourage you for your own life of witness.


As you begin read Romans 1:8–17, focusing special attention on verse 16.

Lord God, we begin this new year with you, trusting in the redeeming blood of Jesus and relying on your constant care and companionship.

What marvelous love you have revealed in the precious story of Jesus born as a true human baby! The story of his life and suffering, his death and resurrection is the best news we could ever hear.

We thank you not only for the Gospel, but also for the Holy Spirit through whom you draw us to faith and trust in your promises. Give us true spiritual insight so we never grow tired of the Gospel’s sweetness. Make your Word so compelling in our lives that we never consider leaving you.

Teach us to see the blessings in sharing your Word with those who have rejected it or have not yet heard its message. Make us unashamed to speak of Christ among those who do not yet belong to him. Remind us often of the words he once spoke, telling us he will not be ashamed to confess before you those who confess him.

Hear us, Lord our God, for his sake. Amen.


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