Bright lights and tinsel. Carols and cocoa. Family time and laughter. Christmas is all these and more.

But Christmas can also be sadness and pain, confusion and frustration, loneliness and tears—and it is! At least it is for some to whom we minister. Think back over the past year and remember the young couple that experienced two miscarriages, the person diagnosed with dementia, the single mom who lost her job, the executive caring for a special needs child.

You’d support them at Christmastime if you could! You’d share our Savior’s word of promise—if that were possible. Right?

But the busyness of the season makes that kind of caring ministry impossible. Right? So with a heavy heart, you find yourself saying, “I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t.”

What if you had some help? What if someone had already chosen just the right Scriptures, written just the right words to encourage the downhearted at Christmastime? And what if those helps were beautifully laid out and value-priced? Would you be interested? Then consider this lineup from CTA’s Care ministries:

Several of these even come with envelopes so you can mail them out—perhaps with a brief personal note like this: “I’m thinking about you this Christmas. Please know you’re not forgotten. You are in my prayers and on my heart. Peace, in our Lord Jesus!”

If you ask an office volunteer to address and stamp the envelopes, praying for each person on your care list as they do so, you’ll save time and bless the volunteer!


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