Are you looking for a Christmas gift for those who volunteer in your children’s ministries? One that’s meaningful – and affordable? Then you’ll be glad to know we’ve added four new Ornaments of Faith® to our product lineup this year. If you’re not familiar with these bestsellers, you’ll want to check them out!

Customers tell us they are perfect gifts to encourage volunteers in churches, Christian schools, and other faith-based organizations:

  • Sunday school superintendents and VBS directors give them to teachers and helpers.
  • Principals in Christian schools give them to teachers and volunteers.
  • Directors of Christian education give them to last summer’s VBS staff and midweek Bible club leaders.

What’s more, each Ornaments of Faith® comes with its own free downloadable ministry message—a devotional piece you can read to your group as you give the ornaments to them at your December staff meeting or Christmas celebration. The ministry message will make the gift even more meaningful and the event even more memorable.

Read one, two, or all four of our newest Ornaments of Faith® ministry messages and see for yourself!

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