Editor’s note: This week’s free devotion includes a Bible reading and prayer/meditation written by faithful pastor Walter E. Schuette who has since gone to be with the Lord. We pray that his enduring witness will encourage you for your own life of witness!


Read Proverbs 11:24–31, focusing especially on verse 24.

Gracious God, you give every good thing, even to those who deny you exist. Make us like you, generous and willing to use what we have to help others. Remove the fears that lead us to clutch our possessions tightly, worried that we will starve if we fail to stockpile wealth.

Teach us to see things your way: you bless the giver and take away from the hoarder. Open our eyes to the stupidity of loving money and things, of relying on them for our security rather than relying on you, our good and gracious Father.

Fill us with the Holy Spirit so we love you more and more and the world less and less. Remind us that you have made us managers of your blessings, remembering that all our possessions really belong to you. Help us see the beauty of your Son’s sacrifice so we more deeply appreciate our life in him, using it to bless and share with others. Teach us to look for opportunities to spend our love for Jesus, who spent his life for us.

We pray in his name. Amen.


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