Maybe you simply forgot. Maybe there’s been a staff change and you’ve inherited the children’s ministry in your church or school. Maybe other ministry needs piled up and you’ve just now worked your way down in the stack to the children’s Christmas service planning.

Whatever the case, if you have no plans, there’s no need to panic. CTA can help. You can still have a great service. Again this year, CTA has made two children’s Christmas services available for free, one for groups including kindergartners through fifth grade and the other for early childhood groups.

The services accompany a new children’s book, Good News, Great Joy,  which tells the Christmas story in rhyme and features full-color art that kids (and their parents) are sure to love.

A new song, written especially for this theme and also available to download for free, is integral to both services. Print the words for the song on poster board cards so all the children can keep their heads up as they sing. If possible, lead the children in singing it once or twice as Sunday school begins and ends each week for the next few weeks. (The melody is beautiful, and it will be simple to learn, even for your youngest children.)

Create multiple copies of the script. Then assign parts to groups of children and to a few of your best readers. Highlight these parts on the individual copies of the script, and simply let the children read their words on the day of your program.

NOTE: A free Good News, Great Joy  Ministry Message also accompany the theme. Plan to use it, too!

Christ the Savior is born! It’s Good News! It brings Great Joy! Help your children celebrate this Christmas and forever!


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