Editor’s note: This week’s free devotion includes a Bible reading and prayer/meditation written by faithful pastor Walter E. Schuette who has since gone to be with the Lord. We pray that his enduring witness will encourage you for your own life of witness!


Read Jeremiah 33:7–16, focusing especially on verse 14.

Dear God, our world is dark, filled with the gloom of sin and death. This was never your intention. You made earth perfect, a bright and happy place, but the devil lured Adam and Eve into disobedience. That changed everything. Sin spoiled your glorious creation. Now weeds grow and storms darken the skies, as we work and sweat to make a living. Sin has made our lives miserable.

And yet, you have promised that good things lie ahead. Your promises keep us from losing heart. Be especially close to us when problems overwhelm us, and we need your comfort. Help us live in confident hope like Jesus who willingly bore his cross. Through faith in him we know that you are preparing a place for us where perfection is restored and sin will be gone forever. us in this truth.

Then keep us from an uncaring attitude, from bitterness and complaining. Continually call us into a closer relationship with yourself. We cling to your love, and we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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