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Shhhh…Did you hear that? Listen closely. It sounds like an owl in the distance?

What does an owl say? That’s right! Hoo, Hoo. 

(Have children demonstrate their owl sounds.) 

You all make great owls! 

Getting to the Heart

Every time I hear an owl in the distance, it sounds as if that owl is asking me a question. Who? Who loves you? (Repeat this.) Who? Who loves you?

How would you answer that question, boys and girls? Who loves you? (Give several children a chance to respond.) Wow! It sounds like you children have a lot of love in your lives. Our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and friends all make life special for us with their love. How do these people show their love for you? (Give several children a chance to respond.) Those are great examples! They may show their love by giving hugs, buying special presents, or spending time with you.

The love we get from other people is great, but you know, there is someone else who loves you even more! It’s someone who loves you even more than you could imagine! Do you know “hoo, hoo” that is? (Give several children a chance to respond.) Jesus loves you, that’s who! Jesus loves you with a perfect and everlasting love. 

There is no greater love than this. Jesus knows about all the many times, we disobey him. Jesus knows all about the wrong, mean things we do and say. Know all this, he still loves us! We can’t get rid of our sin problem ourselves, so Jesus took care of it for us.

Listen to what the Bible says about Jesus’ love. (Read 1 John 3:16.) Jesus’ love for you is so great that he willingly died on a cross for you! Jesus gave up his life to take away your sins. Jesus is so powerful that he didn’t stay dead—he defeated sin and the devil, and then gloriously rose from the dead! That is real love! That is real power!

What’s more, Jesus’ love for you is so great that it lasts forever! No matter how many times you disobey or fail to show God’s love to others, Jesus will still love you. You can always say, “Dear Jesus, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” He always will! You can always trust him as your loving Savior. 

Taking It Home

To help us remember who loves us with such a real and powerful love, let’s do this chant:

Girls, you will say “Who, Who loves you?”

Boys, you will answer: “Jesus! That’s who!” 

(Have the children do this several times, and then switch, allowing the boys to lead the chant. You can also have them start with a whisper and get louder each time.)

Great job!

Now, each time you hear an owl in the distance, let it remind you of who loves you with a real and everlasting love—Jesus! You can keep these bookmarks/bracelets close by so that you can remember Jesus’ love and share it with others.

(Hand out the “Who? Who Loves You” bookmarks or bracelets.) 


Thank you, Jesus, for loving each of us with a love so great and so real that it led you to the cross for us. Thank you for doing what we couldn’t—laying down your life for our sins and giving us eternal life now and forever in heaven. Help us to remember your great love for us no matter what is happening in our lives. We love you, Jesus. Amen.

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