This fall my husband and I are adjusting both of our girls being away from home attending college. Our lives are different, yet we are in a place where we have time to reflect on our parenting journey so far.

As Christian parents, we knew our responsibility to share our faith in Jesus with them even before they were born. So during the years when our daughters lived at home, we dedicated ourselves to teaching them the truth that would set them free (John 8:32) as they navigated through all the joys and challenges of life. In our home, we integrated faith-learning experiences into our daily lives. They learned more about being faithful as we prayed, worshiped, read the Bible, listened and talked about devotions, and celebrated special occasions together. They also learned through Christian music, service projects, and definitely car conversations. Each night before going to sleep, they received a blessing from us, reminding them that Jesus loved them no matter what.

We definitely did not navigate this trail on our own. Our church family provided us with many wonderful resources. In Sunday school and  VBS, during Wednesday night potluck dinners, summer camps, retreats, special Christmas and Easter events, and junior and senior high youth ministry experiences, our children grew in knowing and loving Jesus. Many church staff and volunteers made this possible. We are so grateful for their dedication to sharing Christ’s love with our girls.

Because of these numerous faith-learning experiences, our children have a firm faith foundation based upon the certainty of God’s promises. They know God takes care of all their needs. They know they are forgiven children of God, deeply loved by Jesus. They know God hears their prayers and he is always with them. They hold on to God’s promise of eternal life.

We know the future will hold many joys and troubles, some of which may challenge their faith. At those times, we will do what we have done for many years. We will pray, trusting the Holy Spirit’s power to keep their faith maturing throughout the years to some.

That’s why my husband and I say thank you to the many people who have partnered with us in our parenting journey so far. Thank you to our own parents, to other family members, to  teachers, mentors, youth ministry leaders who were committed to sharing their faith with the next generation. We could not have come this far without you.

And to those of you reading this blog, thank you, too, for all you do as you share your faith with children and families! You are making such a difference as you teach God’s promises. You are providing critical foundational knowledge for their faith journey. You are a blessing!

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