It’s the dream of every children’s minister: getting parents, grandparents, and other significant adults to share the faith with their kids in a way that feels comfortable and natural. Parents want that, too, but many simply don’t know how to pull it off. They feel inadequate. They are afraid of making a mistake. They feel awkward. So they punt. They give up. They leave faith sharing to the professionals at church. 

In the last few months, CTA has begun to address this. We’re revising the format we use for our children’s Ministry Messages, shortening the church leader’s content a bit and adding in its place a section called “Faith Talk @ Home” – in both English and Spanish. These can be duplicated (for free!) and sent home with the kids as they leave Sunday school, Bible club, VBS, midweek school, and any other children’s venue in your church. 

Each episode of Faith Talk @ Home is based on the concepts teachers and other worship leaders introduce in the Ministry Message, but the new inserts extend those concepts by giving parents and other grownups at home, for example, a question to pose, a real-life story to tell, or directions for a craft they can help their child(ren) make. Faith talk just naturally flows from these activities. 

See for yourself! Here’s one of our Ministry Messages in the new format. It is intended for use during this year’s Fall Festival. (Scroll down on the page to find it.) The new Faith Talk @ Home section is on page 4.

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