Editor’s note: This week’s free devotion is slightly adapted from one of CTA’s devotion books for men’s ministry, Strong in the Lord. It was not written for Labor Day, but we think it adds a dimension to this day’s observance. See if you agree!


As you begin, read Psalm 145:11. 

His back is straight. His body bent. His eyes cast on the ground. Behind him, stands an airplane. Between them, a taught rope. As you watch, he slowly pulls the plane. 

The Plane Pull is only one of many amazing feats in the World’s Strongest Man competition. There, you will also see athletes lifting cars, carrying refrigerators, dragging anchors, and the list goes on. 

Such feats of strength gather crowds. They are captured in pictures, posted on websites, broadcast on television, and recorded as moments in history. 

How different is the scene before you in the nursing home. A grandfather in bed, his body too frail to get up, his voice so weak it’s hard to hear. Son and grandson have pulled their chairs beside the bed and lean in toward him. 

Their hands are folded. Their heads are bowed. And, as you watch, the grandfather teaches his grandson a simple prayer. 

No one is taking pictures of this event. You won’t see it on television, and it won’t be recorded in the annals of history. But here is something great. A feat of strength more amazing than those of any strong man’s competition. 

With frail hands and weak voice, this elderly man gives his grandson a powerful, priceless gift. His weak words touch heaven. Almighty God hears, and mountains move. By word and deed, this old man speaks of the glories of God and tells of God’s might. 

As Christian men and women, we have seen the glory of God’s kingdom in the strength of his grace. Through eyes of faith, we have seen Jesus lift the weight of our sin and place it upon his own shoulders at the cross. Now he calls you to come and join him in doing feats of faithful strength. 

Let him strengthen you for your daily work, work like teaching your son to pray, like encouraging your children in holy living, like encouraging your spouse, like caring for your aging parents, like showing mercy to strangers and comforting co-workers.

As you engage in true feats of strength like these, you won’t gather crowds or win a trophy. Tonight’s newscast won’t feature a video of your accomplishments. But you will grow more like your Savior—strong in the Lord. 

Glorious Savior, take my life and use it for your feats of faithful strength. Amen. 

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