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Getting Ready

Prepare to meet in a room where the lights can be turned off. You will need a giant glow stick. Also have enough G.L.O.W. items to give each child one or two. 

Bookmark your Bible at John 8:12 and Ephesians 5:8 so you can find them quickly. 


Boys and girls, can you share with me a time when you tried to walk in the dark? What happened? (Allow the children to share a few of their experiences.). When we try to walk in the dark we bump into things, step on hard objects that hurt, or even trip and fall! 

Without God, this world can be a very dark and scary place (Turn the lights out), but it doesn’t have to be that way. (Break the glow stick and let the light shine). 

Getting to the Heart

Did you know that people walk in a spiritual darkness every day? When we don’t know Jesus’ love, it is a little bit like walking in the dark. Things can seem very dark indeed. 

The darkness in this world is called sin. Who can share a few examples of sin? (Allow the children to share. Encourage examples of both the sinful things we do and the good things that  we could do, but refuse or neglect doing.) 

All of us sin. Every day, we disobey God. We fail to live like the kind, holy children he wants us to be. God could give up on us. He could walk away and leave us alone and frightened forever. But he didn’t do that! He will never do that! 

Instead, God loves us so much that he sent his Son Jesus into our dark world. Jesus lived a life full of goodness and light. Then Jesus died on the cross. He died to wash away our sins and to give us his own goodness.

Now, we do not have to walk in the darkness of sin. We are God’s forgiven children! We can live like the children of light we really are! Listen to what Jesus says about himself. (Read John 8:12.) Looking at this glow stick we can remember this important message. What does a glow stick do? Right! It GLOWS! G. L. O. W. – God Lights Our World! 

Taking It Home

We have discovered a wonderful promise today! Jesus has powers far, far beyond those of this glow stick! Jesus takes away our sins. Jesus lights our world with his love. 

(Give each child a G.L.O.W. item.)  

God Lights Our World! G.L.O.W. But there’s more! The Bible tells us this. (Read Ephesians 5:8.) What does that mean for you and me? (Allow the children to answer.) 

Yes! You and I can be like walking glow sticks for Jesus! We can share with others this very cool light of the world – Jesus! This light, Jesus, changes lives. God wants us to GLOW out loud for him. When you “walk as children of the light,” you are letting others know that God Lights Our World ­– and he wants to light their world, too! 

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus, the Light of the World, to shine into the darkness of our sin. Thank you, Jesus, for taking away all our sins by dying on the cross for us. Now, help us to shine as lights for you. Make us kind, loving, and good, just like you are. We love you so much, Jesus! Amen. 

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