If you work with volunteers, you know that your job doesn’t end when they accept your invitation to serve. You want to provide a smooth glide path for them as they begin the tasks for which they have volunteered. You want to encourage them along the way, keeping their energy levels high and helping them experience the joy of making an authentic difference in the lives of others. In short, you want to recognize, connect, and celebrate – all along the way! 

CTA offers a number of new tools, all of them designed to help you encourage volunteers in their service. Many of these are free and available for instant download and use. Others are available at amazingly low prices. Check them out: 

Free invitations to serve and many more free printables.

Welcome to the Team packets.

Making an Eternal Difference items.

Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus products.

And more!  

All of these will help you encourage the volunteers as they serve and keep them coming back month after month. Let us know how they are working for you!

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