Each of us has our own grandparent stories. For me, when I think of my grandparents, my mom’s mom comes to mind. For my first ten years, she lived near our family helping out whenever needed. During the last fourteen years of her life, we lived close to one another once again. Since she lived a healthy life until she was nearly 97, I am blessed with many treasured memories as well as many valuable lessons. Here are just a few. 

  • Keep busy and work hard. I always loved her hands. They were always so soft, but they were also very busy cooking, knitting, holding a book, doing a crossword puzzle, or folded in prayer.
  • Be real. When Grandma turned 90 or maybe it was when she turned 80, she declared that at her age she could say whatever she wanted. Her opinions about current events were well known. I appreciated her ability to be straightforward.
  • Appreciate classical music. I remember watching her listen to the beautiful compositions of Beethoven and Debussy. She loved music and let it penetrate her heart.
  • Be attentive in church. I loved watching Grandma worship her Lord and Savior. She sang heartily and listening intently to the message usually taking notes. Following worship, she would talk about what she learned from the message.
  • Be a prayer warrior. I remember sitting next to her on her sofa telling her about what was going on in my life and what was happening with her great-granddaughters. She would gently comment that she would be praying for us. The knowledge of her prayers gave me so much peace. In the midst of any challenge, I knew Grandma was praying.
  • Love Jesus and learn more about him by studying his Word. Her strong faith was such an example. She was active in Bible study and always hungry to learn more about His Word.
  • As Christians, we live with the strong assurance that heaven is our home. Even though, I miss Grandma I celebrate daily that she is in heaven. 

Grandparents Day falls on September 8, 2013. As you consider how to celebrate, take some time to think about the gifts you have received from your grandparents. What have you learned from them? As a grandparent, what kind of grandparent are you to your grandchildren? Do you spoil them just enough as you also model your belief in Jesus? 

Blessings as you celebrate the gifts God gives us through grandparents! 

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