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I have a good friend. His/her name is (name your friend). My friend and I do fun things together. Last week we (name something fun you did with your friend). Last summer, we (name something special you did with your friend). 

What do you do with your friends? (Let volunteers name some things.) 

It’s fun to do things like these with our friends. Friends are friends in fun times. But real friends are friends in hard times, too. If we are sick or hurt, our friends pray for us. They may let us borrow their favorite movies to cheer us up.

If you have a friend who is having trouble in math and you are good at math, I bet you will offer to help your friend, won’t you?

Friends are friends in good, fun times and in hard, sad times. Friends make promises and keep them. Friends stick together. Say that with me: Friends stick together!  

Getting to the Heart

Friends stick together. There’s a word for that “sticking togetherness.” That word is faithful. Say that with me: faithful. 

Friends are faithful. Friends don’t give up on us. Friends keep their promises to us. Friends do everything they can to help us.

I hope you have many faithful friends like that. I hope you are a faithful friend to others. I hope you make and keep your promises to your friends. I hope they make and keep their promises to you.

But you know the truth, don’t you? None of us is faithful ALL the time. Sometimes we let our friends down. Sometimes we are selfish, and don’t want to share that candy bar or movie. Sometimes we’d rather play soccer than help our friend with math. Sometimes we say mean things to our friends or about our friends. Sometimes we do what’s fun for us instead of faithfully keeping our promises to our friends.

The truth is, some of the time, you and I are not very faithful friends at all! When I think about that, it makes me feel sad and guilty. But it makes me very, very, very happy to know our Savior, Jesus. Jesus is my faithful friend, and he is your faithful friend, too!

Jesus always keeps his promises, especially his promise to forgive us for those things we’ve done that are wrong. Jesus sticks with us, even when we disobey him, even when we hurt other people. Jesus is our faithful friend. Say that with me: Jesus is our faithful friend. Jesus even died on the cross for us, taking the punishment we deserved for our unfaithfulness. What a faithful friend!

Here’s what the Bible tells us about that. (Read 1 Corinthians 10:13.) When we’re sad, Jesus is faithful to help us. When we’re tempted to sin, Jesus is faithful to help us. When we pray, Jesus is faithful to hear our prayers. When we sin, Jesus is faithful to forgive us.

Jesus always keeps his promise to us. He is our faithful friend forever! 

Prayer: Dear Jesus, you are our faithful friend forever. You forgive us. You listen to us. You keep your promises to us. You always help us. Teach us to be more faithful friends to others. Amen.


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