What is one of school’s essentials? The backpack, of course. From preschool to college, students use backpacks to carry all the important tools they need for learning. It’s the one piece of equipment that connects school to home. In preschool, it usually contains a change of clothes and a folder. In high school, students’ backpacks are filled with a laptop, binders, planners, calculators, and all kinds of writing tools. What’s attached to the outside really makes a statement as well. Each year a different trend dictates what gadgets to hang on the outside. 

Since backpacks are so important, using them as a faith connection tool is a great idea. (And this is coming from someone was initially rather skeptical of the idea.) Through a Backpack Blessing, children and their families also receive a reminder that no matter what happens during the year, Jesus accompanies them. His love for them never changes. 

An Additional Resource for Backpack Blessings

As your church considers having a Backpack Blessing, plan to include a children’s message to help children and the not-so-convinced adults see its importance. 

In preparation for the message, fill a backpack with tools that students need for school. Purchase something for their backpack as a reminder of Jesus’ love, for example, CTA’s laminated Footprint Kid’s bookmark or Bible Picture Story Cards.   

Before the blessing, have children gather together with their backpacks. Talk with them about why each backpack item is important. Then, talk about the gift they are receiving for their backpacks. Tell them to keep this gift in their backpacks all year. When they are having a hard time understanding something, they can look at their gift and remember that Jesus is with them. If they are struggling being a friend to someone who isn’t nice, they can remember that Jesus is with them to help them. If they want help telling their friends about Jesus, remind them that they can use the Bible Picture Story Cards. Following the message, ask the children stand and pray for them. 

Blessings to you as you serve to bless his children!   

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