Do you celebrate your students’ birthdays in Sunday school, midweek Bible club, or a Christian day school setting? Then you may want to consider some of the options available in CTA’s King’s Kid product line.

All the products sold in this collection are based on this theme verse: We are God’s children! 1 John 3:2 All come with a free, downloadable Birthday Party Event Outline. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) This same site invites you to download and print lots of other free, 4-color birthday party resources, too, including invitations, a coloring sheet, poster, name tags, and more.

The party outline itself provides several ideas for celebrating the birthday of each child in your group. Choose one or more of the suggestions to create a brief, but meaningful celebration each time someone has a birthday. This will reinforce the truth of God’s love for his children. It will also help everyone in your group appreciate and honor the birthday person:

– Be sure to use the Bible Message and Prayer each time you celebrate.

– Choose from among the snack, song, and activity suggestions to make each birthday celebration unique to the birthday child.

– If you celebrate children’s birthdays jointly once a month, be sure to have enough supplies on hand to recognize each child you will honor that month.

– If the children in your group enjoy books, go ahead and read I’m a King’s Kid!  each time you celebrate a birthday. You can also select a few pages (for example, pages 12–15) to read, so the children can memorize the words over the course of the year.

If you have ideas for how we might make future event guidess even more useful in your setting, be sure to let us know! You may email us at

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